Ahimsa of Gurudevan

We all are aware about the ahimsa preached by Mahatma Gandhi. But we are having little bit knowledge or we did not discuss the ahimsa Gurudevan had a view about it. The writings “ahimsa, Jeevakarunya Panchakam and anukambadasakam” of Guru tells about the importance of not killing or hurting of other animals and our fellow beings.

kollunnavanilla saranyatha mattellavidha nanmayum arnnidilum’’

‘കൊല്ലുന്നവനില്ല ശരണ്യത മ –
റ്റെല്ലാവക നന്മയുമാര്‍ന്നിടിലും.’

that was Gurus observation in the Jeevakarunya Panchakam. All the stanzas in it are his observations about killing of animals as like in Ahimsa. Guru said- without killing any other organism in the earth we would not get meat food. So it can be seen that we are prompting somebody to kill an animal or bird for the sake of our interest in taking non-veg food and we should abstain from taking meat food in order to avoid killing animals (birds and animals), Guru said.  The same message is given in the 4th stanza of the Jeevakarunya Panchakam it goes in the manner:

‘kollunnavanilla bhugippathnalillankil ashikkuka thannae drudam, kollikkuka kondu bhujikkukayaam kollunnathil ninnumurathoragham.’

‘കൊല്ലുന്നവനില്ല ഭുജിപ്പതിനാ –
ളില്ലെങ്കിലശിക്കുകതന്നെ ദൃഢം
കൊല്ലിക്കുകകൊണ്ടു ഭുജിക്കുകയാം

In anukambadasakam Guru is giving the message that even a small ant is having equal right as like the human beings to live in this world created by the God. That was the reason he started the prayer with “oru peeda erumbinum varutharuthennanukambayum….” It can be seen that Guru had a strong view about ahimsa.

Everywhere, we are discussing about other proclamations and teachings of the Guru but the ahimsa aspect we are silently ignoring for our own convenience. The present day human attitude now requires the ahimsa aspect of Gurudevan to be reached every heart of every human-being. As an average Malayalee, if we analyze the daily routine, what human act they are performing? Their first priority is taking food, that also meat food, taking drinks (now it is a fashion and if one is a tea-toteller, he would be the international fool according to them), and watching television. In my observation, Gurudevan was against liquor and meat food, he would have his own say about the tv serials as well if it was there at his time. What is teaching by these all serials and like programs in televisions? All about hatred, how to quarrel with others, how to make some notorious idea to win over somebody, how to mis-behave with our family members, ultimately how to spoil the peaceful life of somebody. Even children are experimenting the theft and other type of ideas which are indirectly getting through these serials. Here comes the importance of Gurudevan.

We are not ready to help others and not ready to treat them as important as ourselves. In the AtmopadesasatakamGurudevan is telling about the oneness of soul only. Before the God, every animal, plant, bird, fly, mosquito, etc all are as important as human being. All are creations of the same creator. But we are not ready to accept this fact that every other organism has equal right to live in this world and all are important. We when carefully study the Guru’s teachings; we cannot find any difference among them. But we should rise to that level. Instead what we are doing? We are busy every time and not have much time to attend to others, we are in a hurry to make our life more and comfortable and in that run there is no scope for attending others rights and pleas. We are altering the structure of the mother earth for our own sake. We lost our human values and our heart and only aim is to earn money and fame.

If we simply go through the ahimsa and anukambadasakam, and if we pledge to make it habit of our life, there would be wonders to be happened to our life. Guru said “abstain from meat food” because your desire for it is compelling somebody (the butcher) to kill animal and if there is no demand for meat, there is no chance for killing of animals.

We have lot of land uncultivated surrounding our country-yards. But we are little cared about the true value of that piece of land. Instead we will be ready to spend what ever time before the television sets repeatedly watching the same things again and again. Why? If you are ready to spend half an hour daily in planting some saplings of vegetables and fruits of our daily life for which we are spending lots of money in the market, why we can’t produce our food materials in our own land which we are wasting all these years? Here we have to connect the ahimsa aspect of Gurudevan-

(kollathekandu lokathu kittamaamsangalonnume,kola papavumakunnu kalavin mamsa bhakshanam)

‘കൊല്ലാതെകണ്ടു ലോകത്തു
കിട്ടാ മാംസങളൊന്നുമേ,
കൊല പാപവുമാകുന്നു
കളവിന്‍ മാംസഭക്ഷണം.’

you start wasting your time and land you can utilize it for developing own fruits and vegetables, you dependency on the market will be reduced, your love towards the earth would be increased, you will be conscious towards the nature, you gradually abstain from the meat food. My dear friends, please recite daily the ahimsa, Jeevakarunya Panchakam and anukambadasakam and your mind will definitely change towards this goal. If every household in Kerala act like this, our dependency for the fruits and vegetables will gradually decrease and we may even become self sufficient in these areas. If we take this idea very seriously, as like in the self help groups, a group of households could collectively develop different fruits and vegetables and even share among each other and there would be plenty of variety and optimum utilization of the produce.

Our attitude towards the others also gradually would change and a mentality of mutual cooperation and help would develop among us. Within a few years, the social relations would improve and we will be able to recapture out lost human values by this act. In this way the teachings of Gurudevan could be applied in our daily life. As the SNDP and other agencies were able to make the microfinance a success, the above idea also could be materialized by them for our future food security. We also would become more aware about being closure to the nature and the happiness it brings.

Gurudharman vijayikkatte

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