Famous Ezhava Physicians

Ezhavas who have proven skill in medical service ;

  • Dr Palppu
  • Itty Atchuthan – who wrote the text for the monumental work Hortus Indicus Malabaricus
  • Kayikkara Govindan Vaidyar – translated the Ashtanga Hridaya Samhita to Malayalam from Sanskrit
  • Perunelli Krishnan Vaidyar
  • C.K. Ramachandran -Former Professor of Medicine, Calicut Medical College
  • C.O. Karunakaran -One of the founders and the first principal of Thiruvananthapuram Medical College
  • Dr.Ayyathan Gopalan -Psychiatrist, Supdt Mental Hospital, Freedom fighter ( grandfather of Ex-minister Adv.A.Sujanapal)
  • Dr.N.Vijayan – Psychiatrist, Supdt Mental Hospital
  • Dr.S.Santhakumar – Psychiatrist, Supdt Mental Hospital
  • Dr.M.Thankavelu- Principal, Trivandrum Medical College, Advisor, World Health Organisation
  • Dr.C.K.Gopi – Physician & Cardiologist. Reported the rare heart disease,Endomyocardial fibrosis in Kerala.
  • Dr.K.Sugathan – Cardiologist, Professor, Supdt.Medical College Hospital.First Ezhava to get the postdoctoral doctorate (D.M.)in any medical speciality
  • Dr.K Rajogopalan D A M -( Diploma in Ayurveda) and M B B S. Recipient of many awards including Padmasree. President of Association of Ayurvedic physicians of Kerala
  • Dr.G Vijayaraghavan – Famous Cardiologist. Now the Vice Chairman of KIMS hospital
  • Dr.C.G.Bahulayen – Famous Cardiologist
  • Dr.Sudhayakumar – Cardiologist, Principal, Medical College, Kottayam
  • Dr.P.Chandramohan – Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Now Vice Chancellor of Kannoore University
  • Dr.V.K.Jayapalan – Director of Medical Education
  • Dr.Umadathan – Director of Medical Education
  • Dr.K.Balaraman – Director of Health Services
  • Dr.Shaji Prabhakaran – A famours NeuroSurgeon
  • Dr.S. GovindanSurgeon – professor. Founder of Govindan’s hospital, General Hospital jn., Trivandrum
  • Dr.K.Sivarajan – Surgeon, Professor of surgery
  • Dr.K.Devadas – Famous Pediatrician
  • Dr.G.Velayudhan – Founder of GG Hospitals, Kumarapuram, Trivandrum
  • Dr.V.P.Raman – (Late) Founder Ashoka Hospital, Calicut, First Private Hospital in Kerala
  • Dr.S.R.Anil – Pediatric Cardiologist
  • Dr.C.K.Sugathan – Former Director of Trivandrum Dental College.

Reference- ezhava.net




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  1. Madhavan Suresh says:

    Dr.Radhakrishnan former principal med.college tvpm.,Dr.K.R.Rajappan plastic surgeon & M.D Specialist’s hospital kochi

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