History of Ezhava




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  1. K.K. suresh says:

    However a clear research without prejudice is required to reach a historical conclusion.

  2. K.K. suresh says:

    there is a book namely ” Crate to kerala….It is supporting which support genetic studies as well.But lots of opposition to its contents also appeared in media .We lost one aspect of Chokon..Chekavar…Chouhan….who is successors of Pridhvy Raj Chouhan the Great whose tomp is still in Pakistan created by Gorry the invader of India. Without this connection of Pridhvy Raj Chouhan the story will not be completed.

  3. Karikalan palani says:

    Eazhavars are the real keralites (chera naadu) ,like other, OBC, sc & tribal people,.

  4. Prakash MB says:

    Please also mention email id of all the schools

  5. RAJESH says:

    Its use full to me for all

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