Include ‘Food Wastage’ as a subject in school curriculum

“Include food wastage as a subject in school curriculum”

There is a news item appeared on today’s Hindu on the above headings. The news report says that  “Concerned over large quantities of food being wasted at marriages, parties and social gatherings, the Food Ministry has written to the Ministry of Human Resources Development as well as State governments to include food wastage as a subject in school curriculum to create awareness among students.

In a letter to HRD Minister and State Education Ministers, Minister of State for Food and Consumer Affairs K.V. Thomas has appealed for the subject to be included in the syllabus for secondary and higher secondary students.

“A large number of dishes served in lavish parties exhibit vulgar display of wealth. Expenditure on such occasions put pressure on prevailing prices of foodgrains leading to inflation and scarcities,” he said.

“Inclusion of a chapter on this topic in social sciences syllabus, on the lines of environmental awareness or disaster management, will go a long way in making children conscious of this important issue from a young age.”

Mr. Thomas urged Mr. Sibal to ensure that the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) makes the necessary revision to the National Curriculum Framework(NCF) for including food wastage as a subject, while ensuring similar action by the individual State boards.

Confronted with complaints of food wastage when million go hungry in the country, the Minister said he recently held a meeting of eminent citizens, legislators, activists and experts to discuss the problem and come up with remedial measures.”

I think this is also a supporting point on the topic I have already put in the “Marriage Extravaganza”. Food is basically required for supplying energy and nutrients for the body for our day to day body functions. However, it is not necessary that all the food we intake will be absorbed and utilized fully by the body. Only the required quantity is absorbed and the remaining portion is thrown out. From this it can be seen that over eating or eating of the so called tasty food is ultimately resulting to accumulation of extra weight and body ailments.

In marriages and parties, a number of varieties are prepared more than enough in quntum-wise and item-wise inorder to up hold one’s “Prestige”. However, practically the major portion is directly goes to the dust bins “untouched”. In such instances, it is advisable that buffet system is more advisable so that people could select the item and the quantity thereof.

Not only this, there are many other ways we do waste food. In a family, if we observe on a daily basis, we can see that we are purchasing many ready made and other food materials and keep it in our refrigerators for many days until it become dull. There is no guilt feeling among us to take them out and throw them and the mental consolation is that it is rotten. And we also put all the blame over the children, because of him/her it was purchased and kept in the fridge.

Let each and every make a self review over the quantity of food wasted because of him/her on a daily basis and try to minimize the wastages.



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