Maruthwamala & Sree Narayana Guru

Sree Narayana Guru observed tapas and meditation in Pillathadam cave at the top of the Maruthwamala. The area was heavily forested and teemed with wild life, such as the tiger. Here Narayana Guru practiced an austere life by undertaking yoga and meditative thought and followed severe sustenance rituals. This period lasted for eight years. After completing a modest life of more than 30 years thriving in knowledge and rough experiences, this epoch is regarded as the completion of the meditative recluse; the period at which Sri Narayana Guru is believed to have got Enlightenment.

In this wild setting of abundant nature Narayana Guru reportedly experienced some transcendental visions. Soon people came to know that Gurudevan was observing tapas at Maruthwamala. Some of them reached Maruthwamala, facing hazards, and had a darsan of Gurudev. Before long Swami left Maruthwamala. He later used to say that during his stay there he lived on roots and leaves and wild animals were often his companions.





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