Nagampadam Siva Temple & Gurumandiram


This Siva temple situated at Nagampdam, near kottayam town. The temple is famous because Sree narayana guru gave permission for the Sivagiri Theerthadam/pilgrimage by sitting near the mango tree infront of the temple. That was happened in malayalam era 1103. The people who asked for this pilgrimage were T K Kitten Vaidyar & Vallabhassery Govinden Vaidhyar. To Govindan Vaidyar and Kitten Writer, Gurudevan counted on his fingers the goals of the pilgrimage, explaining how to achieve them. The goals were the promotion of,


1. Education
2. Cleanliness
3. Devotion to God
4. Organisation
5. Agriculture
6. Trade
7. Handicrafts
8. Technical training

He advised them to organise a series of lectures on the themes with experts conducting them. The lectures should be listened to attentively. More important, the principles should be put into practice. Success must accompany efforts. Only then will the country and the people benefit. this must be the core purpose of Sivagiri pilgrimage.This temple is governed by SNDP Union, Kottayam. Recently the Gurumandiram renewed as a beautiful guru temple. Ilaneer Theerthadanam to this temple is very famous.













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