Popular Ezhava Politicians

Ezhavas proved thier skill in Politics;

  • V.S. Achuthanandan – Leader of Opposition (current) Chief Minister of Kerala, 2006-2011 

  • R. Sankar – Former Chief Minister of Kerala

  • C. Kesavan – Former Chief minister of Travancore-Cochin

  • Vayalar Ravi – Indian National Congress Leader & Union Cabinet Minister

  • Vakkom Purushothaman – FormerFinance Minister of Kerala & Former Lt: Governor of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Governor of Mizoram(current)

  • T.K. Ramakrishnan –  Former Home Minister and Opposition Leader of Kerala

  • Kallat Krishnan – Trade Union leader & Freedom fighter

  • M.Kanaran – Trade Union Leader, Freedom fighter

  • C H Kanaran – Trade union leader, Freedom fighter

  • C K Kumara Panikker  Vayalar Stalin

  • Dr.EK Madhavan – Congress Leader, Former Minister.

  • K.K. Viswanathan  – Former Governor of Gujarat & Former President of SNDP Yogam

  • Pinarai Vijayan – Politbureau Member and CPM State Secrtary  

  • E. Balanandan – Politbureau Member of CPM

  • P. Ravindran – Former Minister, M.L.A.

  • Mooloor Padmanabhappanicker

  • T.K.Madhavan

  • K. Pankajakshan – Former Minister of Kerala

  • Arangil Sreedharan – First Ezhava Union Minister

  • Mullapally Ramachandran –  Union Minister of Home Affairs (State) 

  • K.R. Gowri Amma – Former Agriculture minister of Kerala .

  • K.P.Prabhakaran – Former Health Minister of Kerala

  • K.P.Rejendran – Ex- Minister of Kerala

  • V.M. Sudheeran – Former Health Minister and Speaker of Kerala

  • N.Sreedharan(NS) – One of the chief organisers of Communist Party in Central Travanore and Former CPM Secretariat Member

  • Babu Divakaran – Ex-Labour Minister of Kerala

  • Adoor Prakash – Health Minister of Kerala

  • Susheela Gopalan – Former Industry Minister of Kerala

  • Krishnan Kaniyamparampil – Former Agriculture Minister of Kerala

  • K.P. Viswanathan – Former Forest Minister of Kerala

  • C.V. Padmarajan – Former Electricity Minister of Kerala

  • M Kamalam – former minister

  • M.T. Padma – Former Fisheries Minister of Kerala

  • Kadavoor Sivasadan – Former Electricity Minister of Kerala

  • V.V. Raghavan – Former Agriculture Minister of Kerala

  • Thachady Prabhakaran – Former Finance Minister of Kerala

  • N. Sreenivasan – Former Excise Minister of Kerala

  • J. Chitharanjan – Former Health Minister of Kerala, E-MP 

  • M.K. Raghavan – Former Labour Minister of Kerala and SNDP Yogam President

  • T.K. Divakaran – Former Public Works Minister of Kerala

  • N.N. Krishnadas – former Member of Parliament

  • C.V. Padmarajan – Former Finance Minister and vice chairman of the Kerala State Planning Board

  • K.RadhaKrishnan – Former Mayor, Thrissur Municipal Corporation

  • S.Damodaran – Former Member of Legislative Assembly and Coir Corporation Chairman

  • S.Kumaran – Former Member of Parliament and CPI polit bureau member

  • C K Chandrappan – CPI State Secretary, Former Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha).

  • M.K Purushothaman – Former Chenneerkara Panchyat Vice President & Manager S.N.G.S.N.D.P.H.S.S.

  • Veliyam Bharghavan -Former Secretary, CPI

  • Susheela Gopalan – Former Industry Minister of Kerala

Reference – ezhava.net & Below data provided by – Shiju Sasidharan


A.Sampath (Attingal MP)

Thilothaman (Cherthala MLA)

Rajan Babu (Ex.MLA, Karunagapally)

Adv. M.B. Rajesh, Member of Parliament, Palakkad Constituency.

 . Adv.P.Liju, Youth Congress Leader

. Sunil Kumar (CPI MLA & Leader)





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  1. need lastes list of all ezhava leaders

  2. Madhavan Suresh says:

    M.B.Rajesh is nair / K.K.Ragesh V.V.Rajesh current M.L.A are ezhavas.

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