SNDP Yogam – After Sree Narayana Guru

SNDP Yogam – After Sree Narayana Guru

In 1104 Kanni 5, (1929), Guru passed away. In 1928 May 26, General Secretary C.V. Kunhiraman has submitted a memorandum to the authorities describing the disabilities of Ezhavas and stressing the need to give communal representation. The annual meeting of Yoga in 1932 June 29 demanded maturity voting right. In the meeting n 1932, December 17, at LMS Hall, Thiruvananthapuram where about one hundred people representing Christians, Muslims and Ezhavas created ‘Akhila Thiruvithamcore Samyukta Rashtriya Mahasabha’ and submitted a memorandum to Diwanji, demanding reservation for population wise representation in legislation and election through public areas. SNDP Yogam had a great representation in the revolt. The LMS meeting saved the seeds of a great turning point in Travancore history.

On August 27, 1933, Sri. C. Kesavan had unanimously been elected as the Yogam General Secretary. At that time, according to his annual report, the total government jobs were 20,278 out of which only 787 were represented by Ezhavas who consisted a population of 8,72,174 while Nairs who had a population of 8,68,411 possessed 10,585 jobs. In 1935, Sri C. Kesavan was arrested and imprisoned charging traitorousness on the basis of Kozhancheri oratory. In 1936 October 8, Sri C.P. Ramaswami Iyer had taken charge of Diwan and on November 12, he published a decree permitting all Hindus to enter in the temples.

It was on Changanasseri Conference in which Yogam decided to participate in State Congress agitation. At that time both as an organisation and as a community SNDP Yogam and Ezhavas were the only participants in State Congress agitation. Later, Yogam decided to stop the relationship with State Congress only for the sake of the community. Accordingly, General Secretary, V.K. Velayudhan and Board Member R. Sankar resigned their posts in Yogam and entered in live politics.

In 1944 December 20, at Changanassery meeting, R. Sankar was elected as Yogam General Secretary. At that time, he was the Acting General Secretary of State Congress. Yogam had 933 branches, 24 unions, 4 union buildings, 214 branch buildings, 5 UP schools and more than 4000 permanent members. Ten years after he retired, Yogam had 1224 branches, 662 branch buildings, 13 union buildings, 18 UP schools and 12 high schools. Temporary membership had risen from 2 lakh to 3 lakhs.

In 1220 Makara (1945), Sree Narayana Guru Smaraka Committee has been formed as N. Kumaran, President and E.C. Govindanasan Treasurer. They met the Diwan and discussed about starting an A Grade College for Ezhavas. Diwan agreed on the condition that the committee had to rise Rs.5 lakh, and the same amount will be given by the government. Due to the dullness in the field of cashewnut industry, the Committee was unable to rise the amount. At that time, a news about the starting of a college at Kollam by NSS came in the newspapers.

The Committee met again and informed the Yogam that they would give Rs. 2 lakh and the Yogam should rise the Rs. 3 lakh and start the college under its control.

The Yogam’s annual meeting in 1945, November 24 and 25 at Kollam decided to start a first grade college at Kollam. In 1947, stone had laid for the college. In 1948, pre-university classes started. In 1951, Women’s College was also started working at Kollam. Behind all these was the yeoman service of Yogam General Secretary R. Sankar and team. According to the decision of the Yogam, in 1952, Sree Narayana Trust was formed and the control and working of the colleges were taken under the custody of the trust.

In 1953, the50th anniversary of Yogam was celebrated pompously with All India Exhibition, Art Exhibition etc. for 5 weeks under the leadership of R. Sankar at Kollam. It was the greatest in the history of the social organisations of Kerala.

After R. Sankar, Sri. Karthikeyan was the Yogam General Secretary for 2 years. Then again, R. Sankar became General Secretary for one year. After that, for three years Sri. K.R. Narayanan became the General Secretary. From, 1961 to 1970, Sri. M.K. Raghavan was the General Secretary. In 1971, Sri Mangoozhi Madhavan became the General Secretary. In 1973, Sri. N. Srinivasan became President and Pfro. P.S. Velayudhan was the General Secretary. It was during that period that SNDP Yogam had conducted a great procession in Thiruvananthapuram. In 1973, SNDP Youth Movement & Vanitha Samajam started working.

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