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Sree Kumaramangalam, Kumarakom

Sree Kumaramangalam Subrahmanya Kshethram – Kumarakam This is one of the famous temple established by Gurudhevan in Kottayam district. It was established in Malayalam era 1080. Four SNDP sakhas/branches together control the activities of temple....

Chemmanathukara Subrahmanya Temple 0

Chemmanathukara Subrahmanya Kshethram

This temple is situated 4 km southwards from Vaikom . Gurudhevan established this temple by considering the request of Achuthan Vaidyar . Gurudhevan ordered to take away the sarpa vigrahams located near the temple

Idappadi Ananda Shanmuga Kshethram 0

Idappadi Anandha Shanmuga Temple

Idappadi is a village located near Pala . Even though a number of Ezavas lived there, they were not allowed to enter the temple owned by Brahmins. So Sree Narayana Guru decided to establish a...

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Poonjaar Subrahmanya Kshethram

Poonjaar is situated in Meenachil Taluk . Mankuzhi family came forward with an idea of making a temple in Poonjaar . Sree Narayana Guru consecrated the vel of Subrahmanya Swami in the Poonjaar Kshethram/temple

Vechoor Ullala Omakareswra Kshethram 0

Vechoor Ullala Omakareswram

This temple is situated in Vaikom Taluk. For a long time the Ezhavas of this region were restricted from entering temple and worshiping god . So they organized a group and started to build a...

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Kudroli Gokarnanatha Kshethram

The Ezhaavas of Karnataka is known as poojarees. They speak Kannada. Ezhavas with mother language Thulu is known as Billavar. For these people Gurudhevan made the Gikarnanatha Kshthram in Kuthroli near Mangalore. Once a group...


Aruvipuram Siva Prathishta

It was the first prathishta done by Sree Narayana Guru . Even though the prathishta has its own importance the concept behind this prathishta have more greateness. The Arivipuram prathishta done at 1888 . This...

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Vakkom Subrahmanya Kshethram

In Chirayankeezh thalook there is a beautiful place namely Vakkom. There Gurudhevan established a Balasubrahmanya Kshethram. As the wish of the people of Vakkom Gurudhevan consecrated Subrahmanya in Vakkom. This temple is famous in another...

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Vakkom Deveswara Kshethram

This temple came into being after the consecration of Vakkom Subrahmanya Kshethram .A women namely Vakkathuveetil Chakki Asatti got an enlightment to built a temple .That day itself the brothers Kochu Bhairavan Vaithyan and Kumaran...

Puthiyakaavu Anandavalliswra Kshethram 0

Puthiyakaavu Anandavalliswra Kshethram

As the wish of the people the Pramanis of this region requested Gurudhevan to consecrate a temple there. Gurudhevan agreed to that.Thus Gurudhevan consecrated Anandavalliswari and Subrahmanya here.Now 50 th sakha of SNDP yogam control...