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Mannanthala Anadavalliswari Kshethram 0

Mannanthala Anadavalliswari Temple

This temple is situated in the village Mannanthala in trivandram district. The prathishta was done by Sree Narayana Guru in1889 . Through this prathishta Gurudevan proclaimed to give up the tendency of worshiping Durga Devi...

Kulathoor Kolothukara Kshethram 0

Kulathoor Kolothukara Temple

This temple is situated in Kulathoor located near Kazhakkootam in Trivandrum district. In Malayalam era 1068 Meenam 13 Gurudhevan removed Bhadrakaali Prathista and consecrated Siva. After the consecration Gurudhevan wrote Kolothiresasthavam.


Kayikkara Kapaleswra Temple

This temple is situated in Thiruvanathapuram district between Kadaykavoor and Nedumkandam. Water scarcity was felt in this region. People asked gurudevan to solve this problem. Gurudhevan marked a place and a well is made in...

Erath Subrahmanya Kshethram 0

Erath Subrahmanya Temple

In 1893 Sree Narayana Guru established a Subrahmanya temple in Kayikkara. Before the arrival of this temple there was an Ayyappa Temple which was 300 years old. It was in this period Gurudhevan completed his...

Plavazhikam Devikshethram 0

Plavazhikam Devi Temple

This temple is located in Nedumkandam near Varkkala in Thiruvanathapuram. Gurudhevan consecrated a “Maankombu” and Ganapathi here. Later the controllers of this temple removed the Maankombu and consecrated another idle. Recently this temple reconstructed.

Sarathamadam, Sivagiri 0

Saradhamadam, Sivagiri

“Vidya kondu Prabhudharaguga “ – This is one of the famous words of Gurudhevan. As the meaning of this words Gurudhevan was always stand in the side of education and knowledge . Saraswathi is known...


Kadaykkavoor Ottuparambu Temple

Once Gurudhevan visited the old temple here. There Gurudhevan removed old Prathista and consecrated Sivalinkam in Malayalam era 1091 (1916) Kumbam. Later in the place of Sivalinkam, Arthanaariswara consecration came into existence.

Murukkumpuzha Kalakandeswara Kshethram 0

Murukkumpuzha Kalakandeswaram

Considering the request of Panoor family of Marukumpuzha Gurudhevan consecrated a “Thakidu” made of Panjalohas. Considering the request of devotees Gurudhevan consecrated Kalakandeswra too. Later the Panoor family gave the temple to Ezhava samajam. After...

Kunnumpara Subrahmanya Temple 0

Kunnumpara Subrahmanya Temple

In 1898 as the wish of the people,the work of a temple was startedat Kunnampara in trivandram district. This temple is situated at the top of a hill near Kovalam. It was the thirdtemple consecrated...

Anjuthengu Njaneswara Temple 0

Anjuthengu Njaneswara Temple

This temple is situated 2km west from the way from Kadaykavoor to Varkala. Another specialty of this temple that it is situated in between sea and lake. Gurudhevan consecrated Njaneswara here in 1915 march. The...