T K Madhavan

 Sri. T K Madhavan (1885- 1930) is the one who fought for the human rights in such a brave way that Kerala had ever seen. T K Madhavn was closely related to the activities of Sree Narayana Guru. T K Madhavan realized that the castism and religious problems should be solved not only in Kerala but also nation wide.

Even though he had only high school education he gained good skill in speaking and writing in English language by his own hard work. In the age of seventeen he made a spell binding speech at ‘Sree Moolam Praja Sabha’, the subject was ‘Disabilities of Ezhavas in Govt. service’ . Everyone in that sabha including Divan V P Madhavaravu, appreciated him for the great speech.

T K’s first struggle was for ‘Human Equality’. Those days the ‘Avarnas’ , Christians and Muslims were not permitted to join in govt. jobs like revenue, army etc. T K started fight against it. He coordinated people and conducted meetings in every place like Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram etc. By his continuous effort, at last govt. permitted them to join in revenue services.

With support of SNDP Yogam, T K coordinated a strike against liquor. This strike got very historical importance, and in 1906, Sree Narayana Gurudevan gave a famous and important message against liquor ‘ Liquor is poison, do not make it, do not give it and do not have it’. After continuous strikes and meetings conducted everywhere in Kerala, the govt. promised him to stop liquor business within few years.

But T K Madhvan was not happy with the social conditions of Kerala. He came up with ‘Kshetra Pravesana Prakshobham’ which was the most important agitation against castism and to make every Hindus possible to enter into Temples . During that days ‘Avarnas’ were not allowed to enter in public roads, schools, hotels etc. Human rights were totally neglected. With the blessings of Sree Narayan Guru, T K Visited Mahatma Gandhi at Thirnalveli and informed the problems of Avarnas. He participated in ‘koknadha’ congress and in front of all India congress requested to solve the problems of Avarnas. In 1924, T K participated in ‘Balgam’ congress and met Gandhiji and other congress leaders to talk about the problems of Avarnas. When Gandhiji came to Kerala, visited Gurudevan at sivagiri and stayed over there for 2 days. During this meeting they discussed about the caste problems and social conditions of Kerala.

In 1097, with the support of congress and Gandhiji, started ‘Vaikom satyagraha’ to make every Hindus enable to walk through the Vaikom temple roads. Every congress leaders in Kerala , including K P Kesava menon, K Kelappan, Krishna Swami Ayyer etc, supported and participated in this agitation. During this time T K and NSS founder Mannath Padhmanabhan worked together and became good friends. The police arrested T K and K P Kesava Menon and sent to jail.

Gurudevan visited Satyagraha place and gave all support to them. SNDP Yogam leaders were actively participated in the strike and provided all the help. In 1101, vrischikam 14(Malayalam era) as per the compromise meetings with the govt. strike had withdrawn and Govt. permitted everyone to enter into the roads of Vaikom temple and all other public roads.

In 1936, Thiruvithamcore Maharaja with his “Kshetra Pravesna Vilambaram” gave permission to all the Hindu Castes, for entering into all the temples.

T K Madhavan & SNDP Yogam

T K Madhavan had put a big effort in making SNDP Yogam a strong structured organization. T K Planned new ideas and programs in SNDP Yogam yearly meetings and implemented effectively. He came up with Educational seminars, Industrial exhibition, Ayurveda seminars etc. T K got appreciation from Kumaran Asan for these efforts. The Pallathuruth Sammelan(meeting) got more importance with the presence of Sree Narayana Guru, and a huge crowd attended the function.

T K Madhavan started the SNDP Yogam activities from Kuttanadu, and made to join 3100 new members to SNDP Yogam, at that time the total members of SNDP yogam was 3878. T K’s continuous efforts added 15,000 new members from 14 Taluks to SNDP Yogam and also added 10 unions , 225 sakhas/branches.

In 1915 April 15, T K Madhavan started ‘Desabhmani’ daily newspaper from Kollam, and it was a sword agaist the social problems in Kerala. The editorials in this daily argued for the problems of backward communities and Avarnas.

By this continuous hard work and efforts T K became physically weak and in the middle age, he passed away by vomitting blood. When we go through the biography of TK Madhavan, we could see meaningful life of a great warrior. T K gave his life to the backward communities and against the social injustices in Kerala.




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