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Hearty welcome to Gurudevan.Net . Be a part of it and please share your knowledge about Sree Narayana Guru and related  topics to widespread the wisdom of Sree Narayana Guru via internet. Let the world know about Wisdom of GOD from God’s own country. Also share the news & programmes from your SNDP Branch/ Union/ Temple.

Please send the News, photos and articles to below ;

Email: mail@gurudevan.net

WhatsApp to 9447376007

Post in Facebook.com/gurudevan.in.


Type the post/message/article/news(with Photo, if any) in Contact form below and just Send it.


Please mail your Name, Phone &Address to mail@gurudevan.net. We will create a LOGIN for you, and by Logging In, you can ADD and EDIT your posts  as an Auther.

If you find difficulties to view malayalam in the website, please download and install any of the ‘unicode’ malayalam font.
Click here to download the unicode malayalam font  AnjaliOldLipi .

Apart from the editor in the website, you can use this Goolge utility Google Malayalam Translator to type and edit in Malayalam  .
If you want to save it in your PC, please save the article in ‘note pad’ by selecting the ‘unicode ‘ encoding option.

If you find any difficulties, please mail the article to us with your address and phone, mail iD is  mail@myowndomains.com.

Gurudeva Dharmam Vijayikkatte !!

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