Why to Make A Habit of Atmopadesasatakam

Atmopadesasatakam is really a nutrient for our brain to bring us the actual feeling on why we have this human birth in the universe. We also definitely get an insight over worthlessness of wealth for which  we all are  struggling throughout our life and quarreling  to amaze it. As rightly said in the njanappana also, “chathupom neram vastramathupolum othida kondu pokanorutharkkum” – ചത്തുപോം നേരം വസ്ത്രമതുപോലും ഒത്തിടാ കൊണ്ട് പോകാനൊരുത്തര്‍ക്കും –. Guru’s atmopadesam is also supporting the futile exercise of the human beings towards greed. While reading this you may think in your mind “whether this guy may become  ready or not to give his hard earned money if somebody  ask him to do so?”. Definitely my answer is “No”. But one thing I can guarantee if somebody really is in need, I can extend some help within my limitations. But helping others could not always be measured on monitory terms.

While we try to understand atmopadesasatakam, naturally we may be doubtful about why should ONE work and continue his/her life in this earth. The answer is available in the following stanzas:

നയമതിനാലെനരന്നു നന്മനല്‍കും
ക്രിയയപരപ്രിയഹേതുവായ് വരേണം.
അപരനുവേണ്ടിയഹര്‍ന്നിശം പ്രയത്നം
കൃപണത വിട്ടുകൃപാലു ചെയ്തിടുന്നു;
കൃപണനധോമുഖനായ്ക്കിടന്നു ചെയ്യു-
ന്നപജയകര്‍മ്മമവന്നു വേണ്ടി മാത്രം.

ന്നവയപരന്നു സുഖത്തിനായ് വരേണം.

What message Guru wants to convey? We all are concentrated in our own life and the life our relatives only. This is the natural way of thinking in every trait. We may be little bothered about other people who are struggling to find something even for their one score meal. Atmopadesasatakam teaches us that our every act should be something supplementing to others also, otherwise our life has no importance and meaning in this universe. We all have the greed in us to acquire every pleasure and comfort in our life. For this aim we may be ready to commit any heinous activity. We give less  care about the Nature and our surroundings and equal right of other organisms. As a result of this tiring exercise, we may forget to love others and forget to tender some sympathy and compassion to our fellow beings. The present day marketing techniques and market oriented economy is always brain washing us on these lines only. We alter the texture of the Earth, we flatten the mountains, and we fill-up the water bodies and cultivable land for our own convenience and for making concrete high rise buildings. But we never think that we are doing harm to others and we are encroaching to the right to living of other living beings. Now think about the people who lost the lives in the catastrophe in Japan recently. Whether they have managed to utilize the wealth that  they have amazed all these years? Whether the money they have possessed was able to provide them peace of mind out from the fears of nuclear radiations? Whether our over exploitation of the Earth will be better tolerated by the Earth? What is the guarantee that we could all the time continue these types of activities? Whether any man-made mechanism has the ability to win over the Nature’s power? Why the Nature become so furious? Because of the furious activities and attack we are practicing on it.

Now it may become a natural doubt that why should we care about others who are not at having any relation to us ? Everybody is exploiting nature and so why I shouldn’t? For this we must  develop a positive  mentality towards the fellow beings.

The path towards this goal, Gurudevan has given in the second stanza itself:

Karanavum indriyavum…..

കരണവുമിന്ദ്രിയവും കളേബരം തൊ-
പരവെളിതന്നിലുയര്‍ന്ന ഭാനുമാന്‍ തന്‍
തിരുവുരുവാണു തിരഞ്ഞു തേറിടേണം.

Because we felt the difference of I am and others only when we think that we are a separate entity and the other objects and organisms are separate entities. If we do not found any difference between the two and starts thinking that all are parts of the same creator and under the same Majestic power only, whatever help we extend to others would also become a part of our very soul only. Our greed for more and jealousy for not allowing others to develop up to the same level or more than us would gradually disappear.

It is high time to think about such a world there is no hatred among the people towards their fellow beings and ready to be helpful in times of need and let us pray for Gurudevan to lead us to achieve this goal.

My earnest suggestion is that if everybody apply Gurudevan’s teachings into one’s life with utmost sincerity all the human life will develop harmoniously and let Atmopadesasatakam be the leading light for a reformation in our life. Let Gurudevan guide us in this endeavor.

neram vazhi kattum Guruvallo paradaivam……..




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