NARAYANA GURU (Gurudevan) in his 3rd verse of Daivadasakam depicts that :

work-is-worship-sree-narayana-guru“Ever having given us food and clothes

And providing all such needs,

Making us rejoice in our contentment,

You are our only Lord”

(this is originally written in Malayalam language and the above given is the English version)

Food and clothing are the basis needs of human beings. What Gurudevan says is that those who provide us our basic need like food and clothing incessantly is our Lord or Iswar. It can be explained in another way, i.e. those who are providing us the means for our food, clothing etc whether it is a person, an organization, a piece of land, a factory, a shop…….., what ever it is, should be considered as our God. Because our daily means of life is entirely dependent on it.

In this context we must recollect the words of our first and former Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. According to him the office should be considered as a temple or a place of worship. Why? The reason is given above.

The office here means any type of work place of an individual as mentioned above. The inner concept behind this is that whatever is supporting one’s and his family’s daily requirement, there lies one’s true God and that place is nothing but a mandir itself. So entering to one’s work place should be with the same purity of mind and earnestness as we enter into a temple ( a place of worship). If so the same Bhakti and commitment as to God will gradually develop inside us. The entire perceptions towards our office will be changed thereafter and we definitely will generate a new approach to our duties and responsibilities at workplace. It is because we are serving our Iswar in the form of our duty and so there is no question of being lazy or insincere towards our work. Since we are serving ourProvidence, there is no chance for us to being corrupt or being demanding for bribes for this course of our delivering the duties and responsibilities.

If this is the approach towards work, the work places become genuine centers of service and we will become ready to extend maximum help to the customers and general public at large. Such a positive mental set up will develop among us irrespective of other discriminations and the work front will have a human face.

The Bhakti towards the office will teach us to love our work/duty whatever it is. Because by doing our duty we are serving the God only, who is our anna dhataa and so there is no room for any worries. Our dissatisfaction towards the work, being insincere, our habit of late coming, strikes and arbitrations all will become automatically remedied. All the unrest in the work front can be resolved its own and a harmonious working culture will be developed.

Are you ready to experiment a new work culture and a new approach to our job as it is our true provider of food and clothing and so our real Providence?




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